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No one can stop the CHITTERING!
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13th-May-2010 01:03 pm(no subject)
Done! 20 years of schooling, over. What do I do now?!
12th-May-2010 05:50 pm(no subject)
Haven't been working on it. Blargh. I suck. I don't want to be up all night, but...
12th-May-2010 09:10 am - grrrr
I have a final paper to write for my actual class and I really hate it. It's putting me in a seriously bad mood to have to do this. I already wrote a goddamn thesis - just pass me already! Ugh.

Well, I'll see if I can write it up by 5. I just don't care anymore.

On the bright side, I'm sleeping at night again. This is for the best - those birdies are all so freaking loud when the sun is up.  When we were living in the country, no bird would have gotten away with a nest so near the house, no sirree. The immediate area around our house was bird and squirrel-free. But city cats are shamefully fat and lazy and the ones in our neighborhood are not doing their jobs. I want to file a complaint.
7th-May-2010 05:12 am(no subject)
I finished my thesis!
5th-May-2010 01:26 pm(no subject)
There's a bush next to my bedroom window. There's a nest in the bush. There's a bunch of cute little hatchlings in the nest. THEY DO NOT SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP BIRDIES OR I KILL YOU!!! GAH!!!
5th-May-2010 02:30 am(no subject)

As law enforcement and network programmers continue this endless cycle of technological escalation, do social norms have any hope in calming the file sharing arms race? 

2nd-May-2010 02:41 am(no subject)
29th-Apr-2010 09:08 pm - CONSPIRACY!!!
This lj link situation kept making me think I've got something wrong with my computer, but I finally realized it's just lj. Links were loading slowly and going through outboundlink.me. When I tried to open up stuff in new tabs, sometimes it just wouldn't go through. I tried blocking outboundlink.me with ABP, but then links were going through outboundlink.com, so I blocked that, but that just stopped all links from working. Ugh. LJ, what happened? You used to be so cool before you got mixed up with the Russian mafia! 

Anyway, if anybody else is having issues with lj's link policy, here's a partial solution I yoinked from chasecorbeau . Does anybody know if there's anything else we should be doing about it?

LJ links issue you should read about

But it's still modifying all unaffiliated links to certain websites to add the LJ affiliate number.

The way it does this is an enormous security risk. What the script does is wait until you mouse over a link. Then, it activates and sends information about that URL to a company called outboundlink.me. This outboundlink site parses the URL the script sent it, compares it to a list of sites that LJ is affiliated with, and decides whether or not the URL needs to be modified. If it does need to be modified, then the site adds/adjusts it accordingly and sends the user on to the newly readjusted URL. If it doesn't need to be modified, then it simply bounces the user without doing anything else.

The problem is that this process involves sending information about these URLs to an outside company as soon as you mouse over the link. Every link you mouse over gets sent. Which means that an enterprising script kiddie with some time on his or her hands could pretty easily intercept the 'GET' requests that the script sends to the outside site, and would know what people linked in f-locked or private entries. Depending on the entry and the URL, the link could have other account information associated with it, which makes scripts like these perfect backdoors if you really want to screw with someone and you know a little code.

The good news is, there's a partial solution. To get the script to stop showing up on LJ pages when you view them, go to the LJ Admin Console
(bet you didn't even know that existed!) and copy/paste this line into the box:
set opt_exclude_stats 1
Then hit 'execute'. This takes advantage of a loophole in an opt-out LJ included for a previous ad-tracking script, and also opts you out of the script I've been talking about above. It won't be active for you anymore, when you're looking at your own or someone else's journal, but it will be active for other people looking at your journal who haven't set the opt-out for themselves.
16th-Apr-2010 12:22 pm(no subject)
A Chinese graduate student and Chinese professor are having a conversation about literature next to me. It sounds very strange.

Prof: Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese anxiety provoking Chinese Chinese.
Student: Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese spontaneous.
Prof: Chinese Chinese self expectation!
Student: Chinese Chinese Chinese Asian experience!
14th-Apr-2010 04:46 am(no subject)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I can't concentrate on anything! I HAVE THESIS ADD!!!!

Fuck it, I'm playing some Minesweeper.
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